The Grove flagship, the GMK7550 offers a 550-ton maximum capacity on a seven-axle carrier. The 7550 features a stowing crane cab for highway travel. The optional MegaWingLift attachment increases capacity throughout the working radius.

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550 Tons

Main Boom Length

197 ft

Boom Extension

259 ft

Max Tip Height

443 ft

  • Exclusive MEGATRAK™ suspension
  • Exclusive MEGAFORM™ boom design
  • TWIN-LOCK™ boom pinning system
  • Allison Automatic Transmission
  • Air Conditioning standard in both cabs
  • Removable rear outrigger box
  • Optional tag axle
  • Optional aluminum wheels
  • Optional 14X8X14 Drive\Steer
  • MegaWingLift ™



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