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Course: GMK 4 ECOS

Below lists the prerequisite for this course and the course description.


Prerequisite:GMK 3 (2010) or GMK 3.5 (if completed GMK 3 prior to 2010)
Content:This course is an in-depth look at the Generation 2 ECOS control system utilized on current production GMK cranes. Primary emphasis is not machine specific, the course focus is on the electrical applications of the control system via a model by model comparison of ECOS structure, control elements, CAN-Bus technology, service software, diagnostics, telescoping control and hydraulic differences.

Most of instruction is class room theory and simulator with specifically designed tasks that give the technicians the opportunity to experience the control system and software applications. When applicable/available hands-on demonstrations and/or tasks are given using a popular generation 2 crane model.
Objectives:Upon course completion the student will:
  • Identify the PC skills required for operating, servicing, and troubleshooting the Generation 2 crane control system.
  • Have the skills needed to understand and diagnose system generated error codes.
  • Have a basic understanding of the system software and its many applications.
  • Have a basic understanding of the use of model specific service software for diagnostic and adjustment functions.
  • Receive, upon successful completion of the final test, the ECOS Generation 2 service software, cabling, interface, and dongle.